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Microsoft Bookings for WordPress – Shortcode

[ o365_ms_booking_view] Booking businessID can be grabbed from the Microsoft booking page, here is the screenshot for more clarification Parameter Description Example Required Default businessid office 365 booking business ID businessid="[email protected]" X template PHP template name to show the data…

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Dynamic CRM 365 Display for WordPress – Shortcode

[ o365_crm_view ] Parameter Description Sample Required Bound to an attribute or template Attribute or Template Name viewname CRM display view name viewname="All cases" X queryattribute Filter the result based on entity column name like emailaddress1 queryattribute="emailaddress1" X queryoperator, queryvalue…

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Azure AD B2C User Authentication for WordPress – Shortcode

[o365_azuread_b2c_login_url login_text="text Here" image_url="image url"] login_text = Show login link text by which users can login using Azure account image_url = Show image for login link [o365_azuread_b2c_logout_url logout_text="text Here" show_welcome_text="no" welcome_text="Welcome"] logout_text = Show text for logout link show_welcome_text =…

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Person Plugin Documentation

SignIn into Graph Explorer to get Contact folder details, here is the graph explorer URL: Get UserID Get Contact Folders based on UserID Get Child Folders based on Folder ID Get Group ID

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SharePoint details

SignIn into Graph Explorer to get SharePoint details, here is the graph explorer URL: Get all sites* Get ListID based on SiteId{site-id}/lists/ (Replace {site-id} with your desired site id that grabbed from above results) Get itemID based…

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