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Office 365 Microsoft Search Display for WordPress – Shortcode

[ o365_ms_search ]

Parameter Description Sample Required Bound to an attribute or template Attribute or Template Name
siteurl SharePoint Site URL siteurl=”” X
template PHP template name to show the data template=”search.php”
userbinding To show the data guest or logged in user userbinding=”yes”
pagination show paginated results pagination=”yes”
searchform show search form searchform=”yes”
search_keyword auto fill search keyword in form search_keyword=”demo” x searchform
autoloadresult show auto result based on keyword autoloadresult=”yes” X searchform
filter filter the results based on filter query filter=”yes”
file_type filter the results based on file type filter=’author:”Garth Fort”‘ filter list can be viewed from here.
id unique id for container id=”o365-search-result”

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