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Suite of solutions connecting Microsoft 365.

Why we created these solutions:

  • Office 365 will be deprecating the sharepoint public facing website option in 2017, so we thought popular web portals such as wordpress, drupal or any other would be a great fit as a public facing website option, having a large community of developers and end-users, numerous themes and plugins. Unfortunately, their was no solution that integrated both systems together. We saw this as an opportunity.
  • Office 365 system offers a very rich set of APIs for it’s numerous enterprise level applications. We wanted to leverage those API’s as best a possible to create a completing suite for your website that provided a comprehensive cloud first experience to a website owner/ administrator, with a holistic view of their data and user.(registration via azure, outlook integration, power bi for data analytic etc)
  • The large wordpress and drupal communities, and all the other third party systems (salesforce, odoo, google apps etc) that they are connected with, but nothing was available for office 365. With our knowledge of those systems apis and office365 (sharepoint, outlook, dynamics crm,, powerapps, powerbi and azure) we thought it would be a great match.
  • Office 365 has several native mobile applications for Android, IOS and windows that can be leveraged out of the box to augment your web portal and business processes without any additional investment. These includes outlook, sharepoint, onedrive for business, yammer, powerbi, powerapps, dynamics crm and skype for business.

Our Core Solutions with Features:

Content Synchronization with Office 365:

  • Automate your business processes
  • Connecting to on-premises data – example: SQL Server
  • Connect to more then 100+ services including office 365 services such as yammer, teams and onedrive and external services such as jira, salesforce, oracle, facebook and twillo.
  • Easily Add workflows from Office 365 using powerapps, logic flow, sharepoint designer and visual studio
  • Error logging
  • Intuitive user interface for the creation of connections and the associating field mapping process
  • Drag and Drop to sort mapping columns
  • Secure using SSL
  • Ecommerce Support
  • Custom Post type/ Content type Support
  • Support for wordpress forms contact 7 and gravity forms, drupal web forms and entity forms and rest apis
  • Collect user generated content or surveys data for analysis via PowerBI
  • Solutions work on both windows and unix hosting platform

Authentication/Single Sign On(SSO) to Office 365 via Azure AD:

  • Office 365/Azure AD user able to login into WordPress, Drupal or any other site.
  • Custom login button which is text or image based.
  • User Profiles Claims Mapping on Login
  • Set Redirects (after login and registration)
  • Membership to certain groups in Azure AD can be mapped to roles in WordPress, and group membership can be used to restrict access.
  • Protect your complete site. Have users authenticate themselves before they could access your site content.
  • Allow wordpress or drupal users access to office 365 services such as sharepoint, powerapps, yammer, teams and much more.
  • Secure and unify your information and technology infrastructure with one main store of member and constituent profile information in Azure Active directory.

User Registration in Office 365 via Azure AD

  • Create WordPress and Drupal users as Azure AD user
  • Users created based on user roles and Azure Ad Group Mapping
  • Users created based on either the azure ad invite api or the azure ad user creation api
  • Users fields can be mapped with azure AD user

What does Web Portals Integration to Office365 and SharePoint Integration provide access too:

  • Powerapps and Logic Flow support
  • Search Integration (people, documents)
  • Social, Yammer
  • Container level permissions
  • Outlook Calendar Sync
  • Outlook Task Sync
  • Outlook Contact Sync
  • Versioning
  • eDiscovery
  • Adaptive Video Streaming
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Related Documents
  • Power BI – Data analysis
  • Task Focused
  • Review/Approval Workflow
  • Aggregation Portal
  • Scheduling
  • Delve
  • First class mobile application via Microsoft.
  • Access to our add-on modules for contacts, event, authentication, group and roles sync
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