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    Azure AD and Office 365 User Authentication for WordPress

    From $49.99 / year

    Keep your site’s login credentials safe, while simplifying website access for authenticated users with this plugin. This plugin never lets you waste time micromanaging usernames and passwords.

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    Azure AD and Office 365 User Synchronization and Registration for WordPress


    Synchronize users from Office 365 to WordPress (BuddyPress, Woocommerce, Memberpress) incl. Azure AD custom fields, avatar, Group Membership and user invitation.

  • Azure AD B2C User Authentication for WordPress

    From $119.99 / year

    Office 365 AAD B2C User Authentication plugin is used to Authenticate an Azure Active Directory(AAD) B2C user against a Wordpress website, which results in the user being logged into the Wordpress website. Features: Azure AD B2c user is able to log into a Wordpress website as user role Wordpress user. Select default role to assign ...

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    Azure ADB2C and Office 365 User Synchronization and Registration for WordPress


    Synchronize users from Azure ADB2C to WordPress (BuddyPress, Woocommerce, Memberpress) incl. Azure ADB2C custom fields, avatar, Group Membership and user invitation.

  • Bookly Rest API CRED Operations

    $59.99 / year

    We created the “Bookly CRED Rest API Operations” addon to allow users to create, update and delete appointments, staff, services and customers data created with the Bookly plugin from anywhere. In it’s most basic form, a rest api separates the content from its presentation, freeing developers and users to use their data as they would like. Th ...

  • Dynamic CRM 365 Display for WordPress

    From $89.99 / year

    This is a one-stop solution allowing you to show Dynamics CRM 365 and Common Data Service entities from Office 365 to your WordPress pages and form elements as needed.

  • Dynamics CRM for WordPress


    A Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) can help you to streamline your entire sales system and communicate better with your customers. If you have Dynamic CRM , you are able to merge this with your WordPress website allowing you to get the best of both worlds. This merge will create a powerful portal solution for your needs. We would be mo ...

  • Excel for WordPress


    Do you presently keep files or data in Excel? This plugin allows you to import your Excel spreadsheet directly into your WordPress website or blog. Your Excel sheet with all your formulas in real-time updated to your site, your cells and charts in real-time displayed on the website. The uploaded online spreadsheet is live and looks and feels exactl ...

  • Get your interactive Excel Sheet Today, Visualization, Dashboard Designing, and Macros


    Do you want to create an interactive Excel spreadsheet that is both beautiful and functional? With the help of visualization, macros, and dashboard features, we will create an Excel spreadsheet that will make your data come to life. So don't wait any longer - get your interactive Excel spreadsheet today! Whether you are looking to create a simpl ...

  • Microsoft 365 Office Add-ins with WordPress

    From $79.99 / year

    Office 365 Office Add-ins with Powerapps is a plugin that allows you to easily host or create an office 365 add-ins xml manifest, that implements a specific powerapps that is displayed in the context of an office 365 service - example outlook mail application. The XML manifest file of an Office Add-in describes how your add-in should be activated w ...

  • Microsoft 365 Planner Task and Todo for WordPress

    From $89.99 / year

    Microsoft To Do is a powerful task management app that makes it easy to stay organized and manage your life. You can use Microsoft To Do for shopping lists, event planning, personal notes-taking or reminders; the possibilities are endless! To make staying on top of tasks easier than ever before with features like creating checklists and compilin ...

  • Microsoft Bookings for Woocommerce

    From $119.99 / year

    Provide a seamless and customizable booking experience to your website visitors by bringing multiple Microsoft Bookings functionalities to WordPress.

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