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Azure AD and Office 365 User Authentication for WordPress

$89.99 / year

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Office 365 AAD User Authentication plugin is used to Authenticate an Azure Active Directory(AAD) user against a WordPress website, which results in the user being logged into the WordPress website.


  • Azure AD user is able to log into a WordPress website as user role WordPress user.
  • Login via Azure Active Directory
  • Set Redirects after login, based on a default or based on a specific user role.
  • Log in with a Role based on a specific AAD Group
  • Membership in certain groups in Azure AD can be mapped to roles in WordPress, and group membership can be used to restrict access.
  • Protect your complete site. Have users authenticate themselves before they could access your site content.
  • Automatic user registration after login if the user is not already registered with your site.
  • Use Widgets to easily integrate the login link with your WordPress site.
  • Use Basic Attribute Mapping feature to map wordpress user profile attributes like First Name, Last Name to the attributes provided by your IDP.
  • Select default role to assign to users on auto registration.
  • Force authentication with your IDP on each login attempt.
  • SAML Single Logout – Support for SAML Single Logout (Works only if your IDP supports SLO).
  • Auto-redirect to IDP – Auto-redirect to your IDP for authentication without showing them your WordPress site’s login page.
  • Protect Site – Protect your complete site. Have users authenticate themselves before they could access your site content.
  • Advanced Attribute Mapping – Use this feature to map your IDP attributes to your WordPress site attributes like Username, Email, First Name, Last Name, Group/Role, Display Name.
  • Advanced Role Mapping – Use this feature to assign WordPress roles your users based on the group/role sent by your IDP.
  • Short Code – Use Short Code (PHP or HTML) to place the login link wherever you want on the site.
  • Reverse-proxy Support – Support for sites behind a reverse-proxy.
  • Select Binding Type – Select HTTP-Post or HTTP-Redirect binding type to use for sending SAML Requests.
  • Integrated Windows Authentication – Support for Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA)
  • Step-by-step Guides – Use step-by-step guide to configure your Identity Provider like ADFS.
  • WordPress Multi-site Support.
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