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Sharepoint Calendar Display for WordPress

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SKU: o365 sharepoint calendar display Categories: , , Requires: WordPress 4.0 or higher Compatible up to: WordPress 5.5.3


The “SharePoint Calendar Display for WordPress” plugin is used to show calendar events from the SharePoint calendar list type from SharePoint online in WordPress. The display types are calendar view via the full calendar javascript plugin, grid view and carousel view. We have created a shortcode with several configuration options to achieve this functionality.

The below shortcode configuration will show a specific calendar in a grid view for a specific date range.

{o365_sp_events listname="volunteerCalendar" fromdate="2018-08-01" todate="2018-08-30" template="view.php" cat="" month="" id="myval" columns="EndDate,EventDate,Category,ID,Location,Title,fAllDayEvent,RecurrenceID,fRecurrence,RecurrenceData,MasterSeriesItemID,Description" type="list" color="#257e4a" sort="EventDate asc" timediff="-4" userbinding="no" attachment="yes" timezone="Central Standard Time"}


  • Support for any calendar list type in SharePoint online.
  • Recurring events are supported in this solution.
  • Single event display view supported for events, with support for WordPress functionality for URL rewriting, search engine friendliness, meta tags etc.
  • Define a “from date” and “to date” range for the showing of the calendar event.
  • Define a custom template or use several that we provided to customize the look and feel of your event displays.
  • Define the SharePoint columns to show in or make available in your display.
  • Define the sort parameter for your events display.
  • Support attachments to be used to show images in your event display.
  • Timezone and time difference support.
  • Multiple event shortcodes on the same WordPress page.
  • Public and private display support for events in WordPress.

Some reasons to use this solution:

  • Great for adding organizational events to your website that you want to be hosted from your SharePoint portal that could also be related to other business processes in office 365.
  • Easily add custom columns to SharePoint calendar lists that are not easily done for outlook calendar events.
  • Calendar event items can be created and modified from the SharePoint mobile application provided by Microsoft.
  • Calendar event items can be configured to show publicly or can be private, requiring the user to login to view the events.


  • Office 365 with SharePoint online service.
  • Office 365 User with Global Administrator role.
  • WordPress Website with Administrator access.
  • Some CSS tweaking.

Change Logs

Sharepoint Calendar Display for WordPress – 2.3
  • New: Added Booking option (Allowed users to book event in SharePoint calendar from WordPress.)
  • New: Show booked slots (Show booked time slots in the calendar so users can book free time slots.)
January 10, 2020
Sharepoint Calendar Display for WordPress – 2.2
  • New: Support custom templates (Allowed user to add templates in theme files and customize it as per their requirements.)
  • Fix: Warnings (Removed PHP warnings when debug is on in wp-config file.)
November 21, 2019
Sharepoint Calendar Display for WordPress – 2.1
  • New: Added support multi-site
  • New: Support for WordPress 5.2.2
  • Fix: timezone issue (Fixed not showing the proper start and end time based on timezone parameter.)
July 26, 2019
Sharepoint Calendar Display for WordPress – 2.0
  • New: Added support for timezone parameter (Show event start and end time based on your timezone.)
  • New: Update API with Microsoft Graph API (Removed old SharePoint API and updated with Microsoft Graph API to grab the data from SharePoint.)
  • New: Added from date and to date range (Show limited events based start and end date for list view.)
  • New: Support Recurring events (Show SharePoint recurring and basic events in WordPress. )
  • Fix: Minor bugs
  • New: Support SEF URLs (Added seo friendly URLs for single event view)
April 16, 2019
Sharepoint Calendar Display for WordPress – 1.1
  • New: Added support for the public or private view (Show SharePoint data to logged in or guest users based on your requirements by shortcode parameter.)
  • Fix: PHP warnings (Removed PHP warnings when debug is on in wp-config file.)
  • Fix: Access token issue (Added limited permissions for security reason to get the Access token instead of bulk permission.)
  • Fix: Redirect URL issue ( Fixed infinite redirect loop issue when redirecting URL mismatch. )
November 22, 2018
Sharepoint Calendar Display for WordPress – 1.0
  • New: Show SharePoint list events in calendar view (Show SharePoint real-time events in WordPress in calendar view without logging to SharePoint.)
  • New: Show SharePoint events in list view (Show SharePoint future events with details in list view.)
  • New: Define columns that need to be fetched from SharePoint list (Fetch limited columns data to WordPress from SharePoint to customize the layout.)
August 16, 2018
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