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Sharepoint Calendar Display Booking for WordPress – Shortcode

[ o365_sp_booking ]

Parameter Description Sample Required Bound to an attribute or template Attribute or Template Name
siteid SharePoint Site ID siteid=”87fb8dbb-4dd8-42e6-8ab9-8bf82b1319f5″ X
listid SharePoint List ID listid=”3fb9d1f8-3443-491b-adca-0f4f97f8c4b2″ X
columns columns those will fetched using rest api columns=”fAllDayEvent,Title,ID,EndDate,EventDate,localtion1,Room”
cf7id Contact Form 7 ID, to show the booking form cf7id=”3364″ X
template HTMl template for booking calendar template=”room_booking_tpl.php”
starttime Start time slot for booking calendar starttime=”08.00″
endtime End time slot for booking calendar endtime=”19.30″
mthviewdaylimit number of events to show in a day mthviewdaylimit=”5″
businessdays Show booking for these days businessdays=”1,2,3,4,5″
color Show background color on evnets based on event value color=”Cascade Township Branch:#f2635d,Gaines Township Branch:#fdb813″
colorcolumn Column Name from which color value will be checked colorcolumn=”localtion1″ X colorcolumn
id HTML Container ID id=”outlook_cal_o365″
hidebasedcol Column name from which event value will be checked hidebasedcol=”localtion1″
hidebasedval Show events based on event value (comma separated) hidebasedval=”Cascade Township Branch,Gaines Township Branch” X hidebasedcol

Template customization
Plugin templates can be found here: wp-content/plugins/o365-wp-sp-calendar-display/templates/views
A custom template can be uploaded to theme folder also, here is the folder path: wp-content/themes/your-theme/o365-display/sp-cal/views/
Please change the your-theme name with your currently active theme name.

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