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Microsoft Teams for WordPress




Microsoft Teams enables you to get all your content, tools and conversations in the Team workspace with Office 365.

Microsoft Teams for WordPress is used to send WordPress data(events, orders etc) to a Teams channel formatted as a specific adaptive card. This is achieved by using one or more of our plugins for (custom post type, woo-commerce, user and forms(gravity form, contact 7 and ninja forms)) to interface with the Microsoft Teams Rest APIs.

Supporting Plugins:

  • Custom Post Type - adds support for advanced custom field(ACF), toolset types and the custom ui types plugins.
  • Woocommerce - adds support for woocommerce in varying integration scenarios
  • User - adds support for the wordpress user meta, user roles, buddypress xprofile meta, advanced custom field(ACF/ ACF Pro) and toolset types
  • Media - adds support for the wordpress media types with the added functionality of file rename, file replace of media files and supports the enhanced media files plugin.
  • Forms - adds support for gravity forms, contact 7 form, formcraft pro and ninja forms with added support for the uploading of single or multiple files in varying integration scenarios.
  • Events - adds support for "the events calendar" plugin, in varying integration scenarios.
  • Buddypress - adds support for "Buddypress/BbPress" plugins, in varying integration scenarios.
The below plugins work best in conjunction with one(1) or more of the supporting plugins listed above.
  • Bulk Actions - add support for using the wordpress admin bulk action interface to trigger customizable actions(sent sms, print pdf etc) manually on specific wordpress records.
  • Powerapps - add support for loading a powerapps in the wordpress admin interface in the context of a specific data type (custom post type, woocommerce, user) record.
  • Powerbi - add support for loading a powerbi in the wordpress admin interface in the context of a specific data (custom post type, woocommerce, user) type record.

Possible integration scenarios:

  • Post WordPress data(custom post type, woo-commerce, user, gravity – contact 7 forms) to Microsoft Teams.

Post integration Features:

  • User able to create multiple¬†WordPress connections with Microsoft Teams.
  • Easily customize email notifications.
  • Use conditional logic to customize how your data is handled.

Integration Process:

  1. Make purchase/tell us your implementation needs
  2. Schedule a mutually agreed on implementation date and time
  3. Prior to #2 have the following accesses details available
    • WordPress admin and WordPress ftp access
    • Office 365 Account with Global Administrator Access
    • If you intend on writing data to WordPress types you will need to have basic/http authentication enabled.
  4. We will utilize a screen sharing application like zoom meeting to perform the implementation at #2 above.
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