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SharePoint Search with List and Document Display for WordPress

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The “SharePoint Search Display for WordPress” plugin is used to show SharePoint search results from SharePoint online in WordPress. The display types are grid view, faceted search view, and list view. Our solution’s CSS and display have first class support with the total theme

We have created a shortcode with several configuration options to achieve this functionality.

The below shortcode configuration will show the search results based on the targeted URL, which can be a site collection, subsite or list or library.

{o365_sp_search url="https://[my-tenant]" searchparam="test" autoloadresult="yes" includefile="" template="" maxresults="2" sort="" userbinding="yes" id="dws" searchform="yes" pagination="yes" columns="Title,FileType,Filename,DefaultEncodingURL,FileExtension,Description,Path,Author,LastModifiedTime,Size,ViewsRecent,SPWebUrl"}

The below shortcode configuration will show search results for woocommerce products data that has been synced to a custom list in SharePoint.

{o365_sp_search url="https://[my-tenant]" searchparam="test" autoloadresult="yes" includefile="" template="" maxresults="5" sort="" userbinding="no" id="dws" searchform="yes" columns="Title,Path"}

All the advantages and advancements in SharePoint online search, becomes available to your WordPress and woocommerce results

Used pervasively throughout the platform: search is used in different features, content roll up, analytics, content query…etc.
High Scalability, Continuous Crawling
Site administrators can manage result sources: content sources are now called result sources. Result sources can be defined by a site administrator.
Schema management: schema is the columns you want to expose managed properties in the search and can be managed by the site administrators.
Custom Ranking Model: you can define custom ranking model for your search results through Powershell commands
Query Suggestions: suggests queries for the user based on the links the user has clicked before and based on other user search queries
Query Rules: you can define rules for each query based on keywords or who is searching and based on this you can start different queries or change the original query
Search Refinements: you can easily define search refinements through managed data through marking the term as available for refinement.


  • Supports the searching of a specific site collection, subsite and list or libraries.
  • Define a custom search results template or use several that we provided to customize the look and feel of your results.
  • Show the preview of documents generated by SharePoint in the search results.
  • Support for Managed Metadata in search results.
  • Define a specific searchterm for the default search keyword.
  • Auto load search results on page without having to perform an initial manual search.
  • Define “maxresults” amount for the display.
  • Support for pagination in displays.
  • Define the SharePoint columns to show in or make available in your display.
  • Multiple search results shortcodes on the same WordPress page.
  • Public and private search results in WordPress.

Some reasons to use this solution:

  • Take advantage of all the great SharePoint search features in the context on WordPress.
  • Have SharePoint index millions of documents and have those documents available for search in WordPress.
  • SharePoint search results can be consumed from the SharePoint mobile application provided by Microsoft.
  • SharePoint search results can be configured to show publicly or can be private, requiring the user to login to view the items.


  • Office 365 with SharePoint online service.
  • Office 365 User with Global Administrator role.
  • WordPress Website with Administrator access.
  • Some CSS tweaking.
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