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SharePoint List Custom Fields Setup

Q. How to setup SharePoint list custom fields in the template?
Ans. Follow the below instructions to set up SharePoint list custom fields.

1. Open SharePoint portal ([my-tanant], navigate to your SharePoint list and copy the column(custom field).

2. Edit the page where your SharePoint template is used in the WordPress and add the custom field name in the shortcode column name like below

3. Open the FTP/Cpanel and go to the plugin /wp-content/plugins/o365-wp-sp-display/templates/views, copy the template in your theme folder /wp-content/themes/phlox-pro/o365-display/sp-search/views at this location.

4. Edit the template and use this code by replacing field name which you have added in the shortcode
echo isset($single_Product->fields->_height)?$single_Product->fields->_height:”;

5. Save the template and test everything properly.

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