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Bookly Rest API CRED Operations

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$59.99 / year

Category: Requires: WordPress 4.0 or higher Compatible up to: WordPress 5.5.3


We created the “Bookly CRED Rest API Operations” addon to allow users to create, update and delete appointments, staff, services and customers data created with the Bookly plugin from anywhere. In it’s most basic form, a rest api separates the content from its presentation, freeing developers and users to use their data as they would like. The rest api is provided in a simple to use and understand json format.

Example usage:

  • More responsive and faster interactions and content updates as the WordPress admin ui flow is by passed.
  • More control over how your appointments, staff, services and customers data are presented to your end users, as plugin php functions are not needed.
  • Display content in an external website or intranet not using php or WordPress, in this case WordPress would server more like a content management system.
  • Mobile application built for IOS or Android would be able to use your WordPress backend to manage appointments and present the data in the mobile apps in a way that fits the audience.
  • Visualize appointments, staff, services and customers data in reporting services such as Power Bi.
  • Act on or show data in low cost rapid application development solutions such as powerapps.
  • Integrate appointments, staff, services and customers data with process automation platforms such as,, and, to create compelling and robust business automation scenarios.

Find the details about our plugin’s functionality in our comprehensive write up.

Here are the key features of Bookly CRED Rest API Operations Plugin

  • Appointment
    • Get Appointment details
    • Create New Appointment
    • Update Appointment
    • Delete Appointment
    • Filter Appointments based on date range, staff and customer email
  • Staff
    • Get Staff details
    • Create Staff
    • Update Staff
    • Delete Staff
  • Services
    • Get Services details
    • Create Services
    • Update Services
    • Delete Services
  • Customer
    • Get Customer Details
    • Get Customer
    • Update Customer
    • Delete Customer


  • Bookly Plugin
  • WordPress installation with Http_Authentication enabled on said server
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