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Dynamic CRM 365 Display for WordPress – Shortcode

[ o365_crm_view ]

Parameter Description Sample Required Bound to an attribute or template Attribute or Template Name
viewname CRM display view name viewname=”All cases” X
queryattribute Filter the result based on entity column name like emailaddress1 queryattribute=”emailaddress1″ X queryoperator, queryvalue
queryoperator comparison operator queryoperator=”eq” X queryoperator, queryvalue
queryvalue Comparison value to filter the data based on column queryvalue=”[email protected] X queryattribute, queryoperator
template PHP template name to show the data template=”grid_tpl.php”
single_page_template Template for single page single_page_template=”crm_activity_singe_page”
maxresults Max results to fetch maxresults=”99″
sort sort data based on coloumn name sort=”createdon”
id Html container ID id=”o365-view”
userbinding To show the data guest or logged in user userbinding=”yes”
event_title Column name for event title (For calendar view) event_title=”subject” X calendar_tpl.php
event_starttime Column name for event start time (For calendar view) event_starttime=”scheduledstart” X calendar_tpl.php
event_starttime Column name for event end time (For calendar view) event_endtime=”scheduledend” X calendar_tpl.php

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