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Dynamic CRM 365 Display for WordPress

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SKU: o365 dynamic crm display Categories: , , Requires: WordPress 4.0 or higher Compatible up to: WordPress 5.4.2


The “Dynamic CRM 365 Display for WordPress” plugin is used to show Dynamics CRM 365 and Common Data Service entities from Office 365 in WordPress.
We have created a shortcode with several configuration options to achieve this functionality.

The below shortcode configuration will show a specific view “case” in a custom list view.

{o365_crm_view viewname="case" queryattribute="customerid" queryoperator="eq" queryvalue="xxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx" template="" id="" maxresults="10" pagination="yes" sort="ID" lookupentity="contact" lookupfrom="contactid" lookupto="customerid" lookupalias="email" lookupattribute="emailaddress1"}


  • Support for any out of the box entity including custom entities in the Dynamics CRM 365 Online.
  • Define a custom template or use several that we provided to customize the look and feel of your displays.
  • Define “maxresults” amount for the display.
  • Support for pagination in displays.
  • Define the view fields to make available in your display.
  • Multiple entity view shortcodes on the same WordPress page.
  • Public and private display supported for views in WordPress.

Some reasons to use this solution:

  • Great for adding organizational data to your website that you want to be hosted from your Dynamics CRM 365 service, that could also be related to other business processes in office 365.
  • Dynamics CRM 365 entity records can be created and modified from the Dynamics CRM 365 mobile application provided by Microsoft.
  • Dynamics CRM 365 entity records can be configured to show publicly or can be private, requiring the user to login to view the records.


  • Office 365 with Dynamics CRM 365 online service.
  • Office 365 User with Global Administrator role.
  • WordPress Website with Administrator access.
  • WordPress Website with HTTPS support.
  • Some CSS tweaking.
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