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  • Microsoft 365 Office Add-ins

    Office 365 Office Add-ins with Powerapps is a plugin that allows you to easily host or create an office 365 add-ins xml manifest, that implements a specific powerapps that is displayed in the context of an office 365 service - example outlook mail application. The XML manifest file of an Office Add-in describes how your add-in should be activated w ...

  • PowerApps for WooCommerce

    From $197.99 / year

    Powerapps for WooCommerce is a plugin that allows you to easily show your WooCommerce content in PowerApps Like Products, order and customers. Additionally, you will be able to create and update the products from PowerApps. Features Show Products list with pagination in PowerApps Show Single Product detailed view. View orders list ...

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  • Powerapps for WordPress

    From $67.99 / year

    If you would like to create rich forms, workflows, and custom mobile apps to streamline processes for your business PowerApps is a good tool for you to invest your time and energy as a technology tool. PowerApps plugin for Wordpress allows you to quickly automate your workflows, write business logic to simplify tasks, and connect your processes ...

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