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WordPress Users and Powerapps

Automate WordPress Users and Powerapps tasks using Wpintegrate

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WordPress Users and Powerapps

WordPress Users and Powerapps

WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP. it's probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today. Wordpress allows you the ability to assign a user one or more roles. Administrator is the most powerful user role. Users with roles other than Administrator will see fewer options when they are logged in. Depending on your Role, you can also add new users as well as manage their Roles.

Supported Triggers and Actions for Integration

1. Select a Trigger

  • User registered

    Triggered when a new user is added or registered.

  • User profile updated

    Triggered when a user profile is updated.

  • User logged in

    Triggered when a user is logged in.

  • User failed to log in

    Triggered when a user is failed to log in.

  • User password reset request

    Triggered when there is a password reset request for a user.

  • User logged out

    Triggered when a user logged is out.

  • User password changed

    Triggered when a user's password is changed.

  • User deleted

    Triggered when an existing user is deleted.

    2. Select a Action

    • Register user

      Registers or create new user.

    • Update user profile

      Updates user profile information.

    • Update user log

      Updates user log status.

    • Reset user password

      Resets user password.

    • Delete user

      Deletes an existing user.

    • Edit App Role Assignment

      Sets permissions to a PowerApp.

    • Edit Connection Role Assignment

      Sets permissions to a Connection.

    • Edit Connector Role Assignment

      Sets permissions to a Connector.

    • Get App

      Returns a PowerApp.

    • Get App Role Assignments

      Returns a list of permissions for the specified PowerApp name.

    • Get App Versions

      Returns a list of versions for a given PowerApp.

    • Get Apps

      Returns a list of PowerApps.

    • Get Connection Role Assignment

      Returns a list of permissions to a Connection.

    • Get Connectors

      Returns a list of Connectors.

    • Get Environments

      Returns a list of Environments.

    • Publish App

      Publishes the latest saved version of a PowerApp to all users with view access.

    • Remove App

      Deletes a PowerApp.

    • Remove Connection

      Deletes a Connection.

    • Remove Connector

      Deletes a Connector.

    • Restore App Version

      Restores the specified App Version as the current version.

    • Set App Display Name

      Updates the display name of a PowerApp.

    3. Create and Synchronize

    Our integration services combine Triggers (like “New Order”) and Actions (like “Create Order”) to complete an action in one application when a trigger occurs in another application. Save time and money. Have us help you today!

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