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Base plugin

Office 365 base plugin for WordPress documentation:

The Office 365 base plugin is used to store and verify, your Azure application registration settings, after which it can be used to manage connections, data mapping, monitoring synchronization status, error log, system requirements and settings export.

  1. Install and Activate base plugin:

    1. Download the “Office 365 base plugin” from site at, click on the link for “Download Office 365 Base Plugin for WordPress”. You will need to log in with the account used in the plugin purchase process. [image]
    2. Upload the “Office 365 base plugin” folder with contents to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory via FTP or upload as a zip file, using the WordPress plugin section.
    3. Activate the WordPress plugin, in the WordPress “Plugins” section, accessible from the left menu or by directly going to /wp-admin/plugins.php from the browser.
    4. After activating the “Office 365 Base plugin” an “Office 365” menu option will become available to you in the left section of the WordPress admin.
    5. Now that the “Office 365 base plugin” has been activated, you will now, need to setup an Azure application registration for the WordPress website and have said settings verified by the plugin, from its settings section under the general tab. The plugin settings can be accessed by a) clicking on the “Settings” link from its parent menu “Office 365” b) From the “Settings” link associated with the “base plugin” from the WordPress plugins area /wp-admin/plugins.php c) going directly to the plugin’s settings page at /wp-admin/admin.php?page=o365_settings
  2. Register an application in Azure Active directory for WordPress

    What is an Azure Active directory application registration?

    A Microsoft Azure active directory application registration provides the permissions needed to access office365 and Azure service resources using its REST APIs.

    1. Sign in to the Azure portal at – Please login in with your Office 365 administrator account, this user should have the role of “Global administrator” in office 365. This can be verified at
    2. While logged into the Azure portal go to the menu item on the left for “Azure Active directory”. On the same left, you will see a sub menu specific for azure active directory, click on the menu option for “App Registration” or via the link “”
    3. In the upper left of the blade/panel to the right, click on the option for “New Application registration”.
    4. In the “Create” blade/panel – Add a “Name”, keep the “Application Type” as “Web app/API” and make the “Sign-on Url” “[YOUR DOMAIN NAME]/wp-admin/admin.php?page=o365_settings”
    5.  After saving/creating the app, you can search by name for the said app, so it can be modified further.
    6. Under Settings >> Reply URLs – You should have two URLs: “[YOUR DOMAIN NAME]/wp-admin” and “[YOUR DOMAIN NAME]/wp-admin/login.php”
    7. Under Settings >> Required Permissions  – Please follow this kb article for proper user auth permissions .
    8. Under Settings >> Keys – create an application key by providing details for “Description” and choosing an appropriate “Expires” time frame, then Save and Copy the key value. You won’t be able to retrieve it after you leave the blade.
    9. To get the Tenant Name needed to complete the plugin setup go to – Azure Active Directory >> Domain names or directly at, the Tenant Name, is the prefix section of the Microsoft specific subdomains example: “myTenantName” taken from or
  3. Complete the Base Plugin verification with Azure App

    1. From your WordPress admin menu go to “Office 365” >> “Settings” then under the “General” tab. Fill in the Application ID, Application Key and Tenant Name with the app registration details taken from the section “Register an application in Azure Active directory for WordPress” above.
    2. Click on the “Save Setting and get authentication” button, to have the plugin verified. If successful a green text with “This plugin has been verified”, will become visible.
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