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QR Code

A QR code is a type of matrix barcode first designed in 1994 for the automotive industry in Japan. A barcode is a machine-readable optical label that contains information about the item to which it is attached.

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Power Automate

Streamline repetitive tasks and paperless processes with Microsoft Power Automate—so you can focus your attention where it’s needed most.

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PWA(Progressive Web Apps)

Progressive Web Apps A progressive web application is a type of application software delivered through the web, built using common web technologies including HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is intended to work on any platform that uses a standards-compliant browser,…

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Fluent Ui/ Fast Ui

Interfaces built with FAST adapt to your design system and can be used with any modern UI Framework by leveraging industry standard Web Components.

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Power Apps Portal

Empower anyone—either inside or outside your organization—to interact with Common Data Service data using portals.

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