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SharePoint file notification and approval

Problem: SharePoint is a great tool to share documents and information with teams. But it’s hard to get people on the same page, especially when one person creates a file that needs approval from someone else in the team.

Agitate: With this app, you can post messages to your team channel whenever a new document is created or edited in Sharepoint so they know what files need their attention and which have been approved already. This will help you keep everyone on the same page without having to chase after them for updates all day long

Solution: Our automation notification tool will automatically send out notifications whenever new content is posted in SharePoint. It allows you to add custom fields like title, author name etc., set up email templates based on your choice (approved/rejected) and also add multiple recipients at once. You can use our pre-defined message templates as well as create your own ones for each scenario.

Step to setup the automation:

  • Import flow backup from the download section
  • Select the SharePoint site and folder
  • Add recipients by a comma-separated
  • Update message template as per you needs

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