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Outlook Calendar Display for WordPress – Shortcode

[ o365_outlook_events]

Parameter Description Sample Required Bound to an attribute or template Attribute or Template Name
calendarid Outlook Calendar ID calendarid=”xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” X
calendartype Outlook Calendar Type User’s calendar: calendartype=”users”
Group Calendar: calendartype=”groups”
userid Azure user id, calendar events will show based on this user, it can be configured in o365 settings tab as well Use Azure user id if your want to show user calendar
Use Azure group id If you want to show group calendar then, group id:
userid =”xxxxxxxx-xxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”
template Outlook Calendar ID template=”calendar_tpl.php”
Available templates:
1. calendar_tpl.php
2. listv1_tpl.php
3. listv2_tpl.php
4. upcoming.php
5. category_events.php
default_view Outlook FullCalendar view default_view=”month”
Available FullCalendar Views:
1. month
2. listMonth
3. basicWeek
4. basicDay
mthviewdaylimit Limit the number of events for a date column in calendar view mthviewdaylimit=”3″
columns columns those will fetched using rest api columns=”start,end,location,body,subject,categories,id,isAllDay”
fromdate Date from where events will fetched (will not work in calendar tempalte) fromdate=”2018-03-02″
todate (will not work in calendar tempalte) Date till events will fetched todate=”2019-12-02″
maxresults number of events will fetched maxresults=”999″
timezone Events date time will set based on mentioned timezone timezone=”US/Eastern”
userbinding Show data to logged in or guest users userbinding=”no”
attachment Fetch attachements with event data attachment=’yes’
id HTML Container ID id=”outlook_cal_o365″
showcountdown Show event date counter on single page showcountdown=’yes’
type Show future events only type=”future” X list templates
showreadmore Show Read More link with events in list view showreadmore=”yes” X list templates
attachfile Show attachment file link on single event page attachfile=”yes”
category Filter the events based on categories(comma separatered values) category=”Red category, Orange”
filter Filter the events based on query but will not work if category filter added filter=”startswith(subject, ‘all’)”

Template customization
Plugin templates can be found here: wp-content/plugins/o365-wp-outlook-display/templates/views
A custom template can be uploaded to theme folder also, here is the folder path: wp-content/themes/your-theme/o365-display/outlook/views/
Please change the your-theme name with your currently active theme name.

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