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Outlook Calendar Room and Resource Booking for WordPress – Shortcode


Parameter Description Sample Required Bound to an attribute or template Attribute or Template Name
id HTML Container ID id=”outlook_room_o365″
template Template used for the Calendar view template=”rooms_booking.php” X
timezone Events date time will set based on mentioned timezone timezone=”US/Eastern”
locale Change Calendar language (check demo here) locale=”es”
userid User Id used to get the calendar of the user. user_id=”xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx”
resource_id show only selected rooms ( resource_id=”xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx”
booking_button Booking button text booking_button=”BOOK APPOINTMENT”
businessdays Available booking days businessdays=”1,2,5,4″
starttime Start time of the calendar/business starttime=”09:00″
endtime End time of the calendar/business endtime=”18:00″
color Colors of the booked event. color=”[email protected]:orange”
mthviewdaylimit How many events will show on the calendar. mthviewdaylimit=”4″
cf7id Contact form 7 id. This form will send data to flow. cf7id=”xxxx”

Template customization
Plugin templates can be found here: wp-content/plugins/o365-wp-outlook-booking/templates/views
A custom template can be uploaded to theme folder, here is the folder path: wp-content/themes/your-theme/o365-display/outlook-room-booking/views/
Please change your-theme name with your currently active theme name.

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