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Microsoft Booking Limitation Document

API Limitation: MS Booking supports various time increments (the difference between two events) but API only returns TIME SLOTS in a range so the user only selects these possible time increments.
For e.g., If we select a 5-minute Time increment, API will give a 15-minute Time increment in the API response.
1. We will support below Time Slot/Increment

15m 30m 45m 1h 90M 2h 3h 4h

2. Business hours documentation

  • Business hours should be in hours only not minutes like 12 am, 1am, 2am, 3am, 4am, etc.
  • Business hours with minutes (like 12:30am) will affect in time slots.

3. In Microsoft booking business hours should be less then 12:00am, we can select till 11:45.

4. Shortcode Param of time_diff of MS booking

  • Go to Microsoft Booking.
  • Click on the Booking page from the sidebar.

Check the timezone and convert it in the minutes.

Eastern Standard time may vary according to day light saving if any

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