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Mailster Rest API Plugin Documentation

Here are the key features of Mailster Rest API Plugin

  • Get Campaigns details
  • Create Campaign
  • Get All Subscribers
  • Create Subscribers
  • Search Subscribers
  • Get All List details
  • Get Single List details

Get All Campaigns: http://siteurl/wp-json/wp/v2/wpo_mailster_campaign

Campaign Post request sample data

  "title": "Lorem Ipsum",
  "content": "HTML Template Contnet goes here",
   "status": "autoresponder", //[active/queued/paused/autoresponder]
  "meta_data": {
    "_mailster_from_name": "Name",
    "_mailster_from_email": "From Email",
    "_mailster_reply_to": "Reply Email",
    "_mailster_subject": "Email Subject",   
    "_mailster_timestamp": "2018-08-09 10:49:33",
    "_mailster_colors": {
      "#F3F4F4": "#F3F4F4",
      "#585858": "#585858",
      "#5CA8CD": "#5CA8CD",
      "#FFFFFF": "#FFFFFF",
      "#E1E1E1": "#E1E1E1",
      "#EFEFEF": "#EFEFEF",
      "#FEFEFE": "#FEFEFE"
    "_mailster_preheader": "Text will show before Header",
     "_mailster_lists": ["45","39"], //[Mailster List IDs]
	/*Auto responder Data*/
	/*Auto responder Data*/

Create Subscribers: http://siteurl/wp-json/wp/v2/wpo_mailster
Post request sample data

  "lastname": "Doe",  
  "email":"[email protected]",

Get All Subscribers: http://siteurl/wp-json/wp/v2/wpo_mailster

To filter the Subscribers use conditions parameter array http://siteurl/wp-json/wp/v2/wpo_mailster?conditions[0][field]=lastname&conditions[0][operator]=^&conditions[0][value]=r

field, operator, value

  • field : In Which field you want to search like firstname, lastname, email
  • operator
    = (Is equal)
    != (Is not equal)
    <> (Contain certain character(s))
    !<> (Does not contain certain character(s))
    ^ (Starts with certain character(s))
    $ (Ends with certain character(s))
    >= (Is greater or equal)
    <= (Is smaller or equal)
    > (Is greater)
    < (Is smaller)

value: Search Keyword

limit, lists (List IDs comma separated), offset, orderby (ID, email, wp_id, added, updated, signup), order(asc or desc)

Get All List details : http://siteurl/wp-json/wp/v2/wpo_mailster_lists

Get Single List details : http://siteurl/wp-json/wp/v2/wpo_mailster_lists/1 (Replace 1 with desired list ID.)

Add List : http://siteurl/wp-json/wp/v2/wpo_mailster_lists

  "name": "List test21",
  "description":"Product Sales3",

To update the list details, add list ID like this : http://siteurl/wp-json/wp/v2/wpo_mailster_lists/1

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