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Drupal Users and Powerapps

Automate Drupal Users and Powerapps tasks using Wpintegrate

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Drupal Users and Powerapps

Supported Triggers and Actions for Integration

1. Select a Trigger

  • User registered

    Triggered when a new user is added or registered.

  • User profile updated

    Triggered when a user profile is updated.

  • User logged in

    Triggered when a user is logged in.

  • User failed to log in

    Triggered when a user is failed to log in.

  • User password reset request

    Triggered when there is a password reset request for a user.

  • User logged out

    Triggered when a user logged is out.

  • User password changed

    Triggered when a user's password is changed.

  • User deleted

    Triggered when an existing user is deleted.

    2. Select a Action

    • Register user

      Registers or create new user.

    • Update user profile

      Updates user profile information.

    • Update user log

      Updates user log status.

    • Reset user password

      Resets user password.

    • Delete user

      Deletes an existing user.

    • Edit App Role Assignment

      Sets permissions to a PowerApp.

    • Edit Connection Role Assignment

      Sets permissions to a Connection.

    • Edit Connector Role Assignment

      Sets permissions to a Connector.

    • Get App

      Returns a PowerApp.

    • Get App Role Assignments

      Returns a list of permissions for the specified PowerApp name.

    • Get App Versions

      Returns a list of versions for a given PowerApp.

    • Get Apps

      Returns a list of PowerApps.

    • Get Connection Role Assignment

      Returns a list of permissions to a Connection.

    • Get Connectors

      Returns a list of Connectors.

    • Get Environments

      Returns a list of Environments.

    • Publish App

      Publishes the latest saved version of a PowerApp to all users with view access.

    • Remove App

      Deletes a PowerApp.

    • Remove Connection

      Deletes a Connection.

    • Remove Connector

      Deletes a Connector.

    • Restore App Version

      Restores the specified App Version as the current version.

    • Set App Display Name

      Updates the display name of a PowerApp.

    3. Create and Synchronize

    Our integration services combine Triggers (like “New Order”) and Actions (like “Create Order”) to complete an action in one application when a trigger occurs in another application. Save time and money. Have us help you today!

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